Upper Hand

Zombies in my basement!

After four days of rest, Ian and his group still have not returned from their outing. You have had time to get to know the rest of the regulars at the Upper Hand.

Master Gil is an overly polite and reserved man. He looks to have had a sophisticated upbringing. He is often found doing some bookkeeping, directing other workers, or playing checkers with Jin.

Jin is friendly with everyone, except for Mitharen. If he is around, she will avoid being in the same room, or at least get far away and eye him with a scowl. Most of her time she is out running errands for Master Gil.

Moe, Stuart and Mogg are often found at the bar talking and laughing. Mogg will spend his evenings outside of the inn keeping a watch on things and Moe cooks food and tends bar. Stuart goes back to his temple at night and returns around midday each day.

On the fifth day, Stuart comes in looking distraught. He finds Master Gil and ushers him into a room upstairs and talks to him excitedly. After a few minutes Gil calls you all into the common room downstairs.

“It seems that Stuart has somewhat of a problem on his hands, I’ll let him explain.”

Stuart steps forward.

“This morning I went down to the chapel catacombs to add oil to the torches and say the daily prayers when I discovered that the entire place is crawling with undead! I got out and barred the door as soon as I could. The head priest is out of town and it is just me and one other acolyte.I don’t know what happened, but I need your help to clear them out. Gil said that he’d send you to help me.”

Gil steps in “Stuart is authorized to pay you 1500g to help with this matter. Please clear his cellar of undead and see if you can find any clues as to why this happened.”


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