Upper Hand

Sathington Willoughby

Repaying a Debt

Stuart was very happy that you removed all the undead from the catacombs. He offers to heal any remaining wounds your group has. You take the vial of slime back to the Upper Hand. Reshoon had not yet returned from their adventure that evening, but in the morning you see Ian.

Ian is pleased on how you handled the bee situation and further impressed that you were able to help Stuart out. He promises to take the vial to Reshoon and get him started on investigating what caused this.

That evening the entire company is around for a large meal. Glen has made a large honeyed ham using the honey you’ve secured from the bee’s cave. The mead has been brewed but it’ll be several months before it is ready to tap. It is a fine feast and Ian and company make you feel at home. They ask for you to retell your adventures over the past week and listen as you relate it.

As the evening winds down, Ian makes a final toast to your party and then asks for you to remain a bit to talk about you next job.

“Our friend Duke Willoughby has gotten himself into a bit of trouble. He came to town to negotiate some trade agreements for the coming harvest, while here he lost a large sum of money playing cards and cannot afford to pay his escorts to take him back to his estates. Apparently this isn’t the first time he has shorted these guards, and they have left him. We owe the Duke a favor and so we agreed that we’d send him home with an escort. Since he cannot pay you, and he is essentially cashing in on a favor he owes us, I’ll be paying you to take him home. It should be an easy job, and on horseback it’ll take you a few days to reach his estates in Bremen. It is a small farming community just southwest of the city. The Duke is a bit paranoid and is convinced that someone is out to get him, while I don’t believe anything of the sort, he definitely could be at risk by himself from banditry. But with a group of armed escorts I doubt anyone will bother you. When you return I’ll pay you each 100g, for such a simple task this is more than fair.”

“Speaking of horses, I have gone to the liberty of getting each of you a mount for the journey, in fact, consider these mounts a gift from me. They’ll be stabled around back and are yours to use whenever you need them. Except for you my gnomish friend, for you we have acquired a well trained riding dog.”

“The mounts will be delivered to the stables in the morning, take some time if you can to get to know them before you have to take them out for your journey. The Duke is still in town for another two nights, so if you think you’ll need any provisions between now and then make use of your free time to get what you need. The gang should be around over the next several days resting in case you need us for anything. Good night and sleep well.”

-meta info-

So you have some new horses (and a dog). They will come with saddles, saddle bags, bit and bridle. Whenever you leave town with the animals, assume you are able to take a weeks worth of feed as well. Feel free to name them and describe what they look like. If you want to do any other shopping over the next two days please do so before we begin in the next session. Also if you want to do any other things over the next few days let me know ahead of time as well.

Riding Dog info: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment—-final/goods-and-services/animals-animal-gear#TOC-Dog

Light combat trained horse info: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment—-final/goods-and-services/animals-animal-gear#TOC-Horse-or-Pony

Your mounts know the tricks attack, come, defend, down, guard, heel and stay. Commanding your mount to do any of these tasks is a DC 10 Handle Animal check and can be done untrained. In combat you’ll have to roll to do these tasks, otherwise you can assume they will obey you.


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